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WoW-BG-Bot.com has the safest and best WoW Battleground/PvP/Honor Bot available! It is the only WoW Battleground Honor Bot updated for Patch 6.2 and Warlords of Draenor and works for PCs and Macs. Here at WoW-BG-Bot.com we also provide detailed instructions on how to use this BG/PvP/Honor bot to gain maximum honor and conquest in World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor. All you have to do is simply click start, and our wow bg bot will do all the hard work of grinding out maximum honor and experience for you!

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World of Warcraft Battleground Bot Updated for WoD

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World of Warcraft Battleground Bot Updated for WoD


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wow battleground bot member

Andy "Ghostface" Turner

I have been playing world of warcraft since vanilla. I love to PvP but I am a father of 3 and I am usually busy working and spending time with my children. I needed to find some way to stay updated with the best pvp gear which would require me to spend ours doing arenas and battlegrounds. I found my solution here at wow-bg-bot.com and now all I have to do is run the battleground bot while I am at work. Now I can keep all my characters fully geared and I dominate people in PvP! Thanks guys!


Andy "Ghostface" Turner - Area 52 - Joined October 2012






wow battleground bot member

Cali Hinkle

I have used other pvp bots but I have been really unimpressed with them. A lot of them were outdated and would inject themselves into the game. Now, I am not a computer expert but I know that causes flags to raise from world of warcrafts warden system. I joined wow-bg-bot.com and found that it didn’t inject any code at all! The bots are always updated and they have great guides too. I have been using their BG bot for over a year and I have ZERO complaints. Best PvP/Battleground Bot hands down.


Cali Hinkle - Area 52 - Joined February 2011 - Darkspear



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