World of Warcraft PvP/Bg/Honor Bot Mists of Pandaria (MoP)


World of Warcraft PvP/Bg/Honor Bot Mists of Pandaria (MoP)

Mists of Pandaria (MoP) is out and we are loving it. In the pvp world, everything has changed and we are loving the diversity of play. For us bg botters we couldn’t be happier. There are a ton of players out there and we are gaining honor like a mad man. Since the release of MoP patch 5.0.4 you can now buy all your high end pvp gear straight with honor and you will not need any conquest points until the new season of pvp starts. So you can safely gear all of characters using a wow bg bot MoP, for all your toons and quickly get all the best gear in the game. Also, people are re-gearing the characters because Mastery is dead with Cata and haste is the new best friend in pvp builds. So it is smart to rebuy all your gear with haste and also reforge the gear to as much haste as possible. Try botting for awhile and buying all the sets of gear and then doing simple tests to see what stats are working best for you. You will quickly find out that haste is the best start post 5.0.4 and we can confidently say that it will be the most important stat in MoP. Another, great benefit from pvp botting in this transition to full MoP is that you can start building gold for the new expansion. Meaning that you can farm honor using the bot and then buy honor trade goods. Then sell it on the AH for a lot of gold. These honor trade goods are going for a lot right now since people need these goods to craft new items for this new patch and expansion. Please, do not spend this gold. Hold on to it for the release of Panda, You will need a lot of the gold to gear up as you level for the expansion. So it is wiser to save as much gold now, and then you can spend it when the patch and new expansion comes out. Also, you can still gain honor by bging now that the pvp season is over. It might be worth it to level your characters using an honor bg bot so you can play the OP class when everything get settled. Trust us, it is better to have options in pvp then to be stuck with a weak class until a new patch comes out. Right now, strong classes are looking like hunters, death knights, and mages. These seem to be the hardest hitting classes and are usually the ones on top of the leader board after the game is done. However, this patch is new and blizzard with definitely is adjusting classes to try to equal out the playing field. We are looking forward to these changes though and we will keep our blog followers up to date on the best specs and bots that we can possible come up with. If you have any questions or comments we would love to hear form you. Thank you and happy botting.


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